Friday, September 5, 2014

Presenting the War in the Mountains GT @ Ghengis Con 2015

Hey all, Kevin here from the 11th Company Podcast with some exciting news. As you know there have been some talks on the show of expanding and starting a few Grand Tournaments in the Western United States. Well negotiations have started on begun with the Denver Gamers Association about myself, and a few other local players, of taking over reign of the 40k side of things from the Knights of the Gaming Table for Tacticon and Ghengis Con with the plan of turning Ghengis Con into a 40k GT. The plan is to do a more fun RTT or doubles tournament for Tacticon. 

Right now preliminary we are looking at a 40-64 player two day tournament based on a mixture of Feast of Blades and Las Vegas Open formats with a first day of seeding and a 2nd day of 8 person brackets. Further information on formats rules, and missions will follow as we all know of the release style of Games Workshop the past few months.

So stay tuned for further details and I hope to see everyone at Ghengis XXXVI in the beginning of 2015!

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