Thursday, December 25, 2014

Important GT Announcements (Rules, price, dates, etc)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

So some announcements about the War in the Mountains GT coming at Ghengis Con Presidents day weekend 2015!

We are locked in with a total of 60 slots which is our target aim for this first year for the tournament. The GT will take place 10-6 on Saturday and 9-5 on Sunday of the weekend so plan travel accordingly. When buying tickets for the event you must buy a ticket for each day (Yes convoluted I know but its how Ghengis keeps track of event participation). Each day is $15 so $30 for the entire event and you will need a Con badge which can vary on whether you go for day passes or you would like to check out what the rest of the convention has to offer (always worth checking out some obscure games as the Convention is full of some great games that you may not have tried out in the past due to lack of interest from other gamers in your area, so check it out for the other days or time slots of the Con! 

You can follow this link to buy your tickets when they become available! (when the convention booklet comes out)

also here for more updates on Ghengis 

We will be following all the rules for the Las Vegas Open, (including any changes to Invisibility) to give everyone a proper preparation for for that event as well.

You can find full rules for the event here (ignore the schedule but the missions are correct)

So for some more exciting things we will be giving out a block of dice required to be used during the event, bring your dice as back up but in order to avoid any accidents we ask everyone to use the dice given out as a rule, we will also have plenty of other awesome prizes including the winners of the top 3 brackets given qualification spots for Feast of Blades 2015 and the overall winner of bracket one getting their full ticjet for Feast 2015!

So invite your friends! Have some fun! and Ill see you at Ghengis 2015!

Check back for more information
(In other news Im looking for a volunteer or two to be rules judges, just contact me for more info)

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